Tips on How to Keep Your Appliances Running Properly This Winter

In the chilly months of fall and even colder winter months, it is important to pay some attention to our home appliances to ensure that they get through these upcoming months in good working order. Homeowners often don’t spend much time thinking about their appliances unless there is a problem or one completely stops working. Taking the time and following these tips to keep your appliances in good condition will help extend the life and improve the efficiency of your appliances.

Here are some tips for getting your appliances ready for Fall and Winter


Safeguard Your Dryer

– Check your dryer vents for lint clogs. Dryer lint is the number one cause of dryer fires, especially in the cooler weather with the inside heat running.

– Check for screens so rodents don’t enter. Critters love to chew, so you need to make sure that they do not have a point of entry into your appliance and your home.

Maintain Your Oven

– Have your oven thermostat checked before the holiday cooking season. There is nothing worse than having a holiday dinner or family treasured dessert ruined due to an off-kilter thermostat. We can come out and make sure that your oven thermostat is accurate and your cooking and baking will come out perfectly every time.


Refrigerator Tips

– When temperatures get cold outside, refrigerators kept outside that are not designed for outdoor use should be unplugged. If kept plugged in, they won’t work properly, the water and ice lines will likely freeze and the refrigerator itself will actually heat up.

– This time of year is also a great time to get your indoor refrigerator serviced. Vacuum the coils regularly and call us to come out and service your refrigerator before winter hits. It is always better to catch a problem early through routine service than to be without a refrigerator and have your food spoil.


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